Virgin Island taxi driver/firefighter who was robbed loses gun license after reporting crime.

Image: Rob Mangia/Flickr Fleming, a taxi driver and firefighter, was…

Virgin Islands PD
Image: Rob Mangia/Flickr

Fleming, a taxi driver and firefighter, was robbed at gunpoint just after midnight one night in May while walking from a part-time job back to his taxi in the area of the Bergs Home housing community. The suspects, who since have been arrested, took two cell phones, some cash and Fleming’s black Taurus .40-caliber pistol, according to court records.

Fleming said the responding officer told him to contact the V.I. Police Department’s Firearms Bureau about the missing gun, which the officer said was not recovered when the suspects were arrested. As a matter of policy, Fleming was required to appear at a hearing about the matter on June 6 at the Alexander Farrelly Criminal Justice Center.

Fleming said he explained his story to a panel that was supposed to – but in this case did not – include Police Commissioner Henry White Jr. The commissioner is the only person with the authority to revoke firearms licenses in the territory, according to the V.I. Code.

Fleming said that he quickly was told at the hearing that he had violated the terms of his firearm license by having the weapon on him after midnight and while not driving his taxi.

Read the rest of Lou Mattei’s article at Virgin Islands Daily News.

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  • Fred

    This is insanity.
    Where’s the NRA when you need them?

  • Nathan

    Geeez… good thing normal citizens don’t need to defend their lives after it gets late, right? I mean, i thought *everyone* knew that violent criminals are afraid of the dark and always go to bed early on weeknights.

    I always obey the law and leave my gun at home when i’m not supposed to carry it, it only makes cops even more paranoid than they already are, and want to lock me up in a cage and extort money from me and all that.

    Just kidding! LOLOL :))