Virginia high court upholds college gun ban.

The Virginia Supreme Court has upheld George Mason University's prohibition…

The Virginia Supreme Court has upheld George Mason University’s prohibition against guns in campus buildings and at sports and entertainment events.

The justices on Thursday unanimously affirmed Fairfax Circuit Judge Michael McWeeny’s ruling that the policy does not violate the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Gun owner Rudolph DiGiacinto challenged the university’s policy.

DiGiacinto is not a student, but he uses the university’s libraries and other facilities and he wanted to be able to carry his gun.

The justices noted that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that guns can be prohibited in “sensitive places” like schools and government buildings.

Source: WRIC

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  • D. Kostyal CMSgt USAF ret

    All the places they prohibit law abiding citizens from carrying a concealed weapon are the places that all the violence is happening at or has happened at. The places you can wear a gun in legally are the places I am NOT afraid to enter. The places that carrying a gun in is prohibited are the places the scare the crap out of me some criminal or some crazy person is going to bring out a weapon and start hurting or killing people. It makes no sense. Now a Congressman want to lass a law that Congress members can carry a gun–but just google Congress members with law infractions, DWI etc and you will see numerous members that would be denied a concealed carry permit in their home State because of their current or past troubles.

  • What does the Concealed Handgun Law state in Virginia? Perhaps Virginians should change the law. Why should a school administration which has been proven to be incapable of protecting its patrons (i.e. V Tech massacre) decide who gets the right to self defense? Change the law…we plan on changing the law regarding CHL on our campuses in Texas.