Virginia police chiefs want handgun-in-bar legislation vetoed; citing “recipe for disaster.”

Virginia's police chiefs are asking Gov. Bob McDonnell to veto…

Virginia’s police chiefs are asking Gov. Bob McDonnell to veto legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns into bars, calling it a “recipe for disaster.”

Virginia Beach police Chief Jake Jacocks Jr. compared the combination of firearms and alcohol to drinking and driving in a letter sent to McDonnell on behalf of the state association of chiefs.

But their efforts seem unlikely to sway McDonnell, as the governor’s office said he will sign the bill.

McDonnell’s office said that while the governor appreciates the work and comments of the police chiefs, he will continue to protect and uphold the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

The association said it will ask lawmakers to reconsider its decision if police see an increase in gun violence in bars.

Source: The Washington Post

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  • Relax…CHL holders in Texas are allowed to carry in establishments that serve alcohol as long as the alcohol sales are not more than 51 percent of the profit. If more than 51 percent a Red 51 sign is posted which tells CHL Holder to leave there guns somewhere else. Texas law also does not provide a legal limit for intoxicaton when carrying…i.e. any alcohol level is illegal if problems arise. SO Texas has had 14 years of experience with CHL holders AND environments where alcohol is served with no problem. THE CRITICAL PROBLEM IS THE PROHIBITION OF LEGAL CHL ON COLLEGES, AND ON OUR FEDERAL MILITARY BASES. I.E. VIRGINIA TECH AND FT HOOD..GUN FREE ZONES ARE KILL ZONES FOR TERRORIST AND OTHER MASS MURDERERS …MORE GUNS LESS CRIME.!!!!!!!!!!!!