Virginia records show dip in gun permits.

A spike in the number of Virginians seeking permits for…

A spike in the number of Virginians seeking permits for concealed handguns after the 2008 presidential election has eased.

State police records show that the number of permits issued in 2009 to carry a concealed weapon was almost 21 percent higher than the number of permits issued in 2008.

But permit numbers for the first half of 2010 are almost 40 percent lower than for the same time period in 2009.

Virginia circuit courts recorded 26,317 concealed-carry permits issued between January and June of 2010, compared with 43,273 permits issued in the same time period in 2009.

The drop doesn’t surprise Virginia Citizens Defense League President Philip Van Cleave.

The spike was due, at least in part, to concern that President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress would enact stricter gun laws.

So far that hasn’t happened, and Van Cleave said that, plus the fact that many people who wanted concealed-handgun permits now have them, has contributed to the lower numbers this year.

“Indeed there was a massive vertical climb” in permit applications, Van Cleave said. “A lot of things have leveled off now because a lot of people that wanted to do this have managed to get in the door. There was an initial concern that Obama would come in and start banning guns. It didn’t [happen], and over time that’s also part of the leveling-out.”

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  • O simply delayed his attack on the 2ND Amendment while he focused on Marxist Health Care, Cap and Trade..robbing the treasury…..He is after the 2ND Amendment via his Supreme Court nominees…Time is running out for O…the Nov election will be upon us soon……CONCEALED CARRY PERMITS SHOULD NOT BE A PANIC ITEM BUT A RIGHTEOUS THING TO DO….WHEN AMERICANS ONCE AGAIN HAVE DISCRETIONARY DOLLARS….AND ARE BACK TO WORK…AND NOT TAXED INTO THE POOR HOUSE…TOSS THE BUMS OUT IN NOV.