Virginia Tech board bans concealed firearms, other weapons from buildings, major events.

On Monday the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors unanimously approved…

On Monday the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors unanimously approved a regulation barring weapons — including firearms carried by concealed permit holders — from university buildings and major events such as football games.

The effort stems from an opinion issued last year by state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli that said to ban legal concealed-carry in campus buildings, a university’s governing body must pass a state regulation. A simple policy, such as that which had been in effect on the Tech campus for several years, was insufficient, Cuccinelli opined.

The key part of the regulation pertains to concealed weapons. That’s because, according to a Virginia Supreme Court ruling in January, public universities may ban open carry of firearms in buildings and at events such as football games through a simple policy.

Source: Tonia Moxley for The Roanoke Times.

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  • Agree Bogie. Lot of good the banning will do if a mass murder happens again. What a bunch of idiots. Makes them feel good I reckon.

  • Bogie

    Yea that would have made alot of difference in the VT shooting,what a bunch of dumb azzes.