W. Virginia Sheriff’s Department works with school for tactical training (video)

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Tragedies like the shooting of children inside a Newtown Connecticut Elementary school, are forcing schools across the nation to ask the question, “what if?” Some schools are opting to examine their safety plans.

In West Virginia, the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department and emergency responders worked together with St. Vincent De Paul Parish School to do just that. Tactical training allows the officers become familiar with the school, in case they need to respond to an emergency quickly, coordinating with school officials. St Vincent was on board with the training after speaking to a sheriff’s deputy about their current safety plan.

“After the incident in Connecticut, we decided that we needed to reevaluate our security measures,” said Advancement Director for St. Vincent, Libby Reasbeck. “He came in and spoke to our teachers to help train them, and out of conversation, we thought it would be best to allow them to come into our building and do some training in a school setting.”

Source: WTRF

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