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  • Jeff

    McCain has nothing to say, considering he never seemed to notice the gaping holes in the border for the past 30 years! Now that he stands a very realistic chance of being put out to pasture by a more conservative pro border enforcement candidate, he starts to cluck about building a fence. Hello? Where has he been?

    1200 on the border is a good start, but until we criminalize the businesses that hire these illegals, they will continue to try to get into the US. When the money/jobs/welfare dries up, they will self deport. They are doing so already!

    Borders. Language. Culture.
    Either these things mean something or they don’t. My citizenship either has value or it does not. Why should I pledge my allegiance, my income and potentially my life to a country that will provide even more benefits than I enjoy to some criminal who takes much and contributes nothing to my country? Just whose country is this anyway?