Washington state lawmakers pass bills sparked by police shootings.

OLYMPIA, WA. — Lawmakers in Washington state have approved several…

OLYMPIA, WA. — Lawmakers in Washington state have approved several bills sparked in part by the killings last year of six police officers.

Among the measures passed by the state House on Wednesday was one that would increase death benefits for survivors of police killed on the job.

Another bill requires a judge to personally set bail for people arrested on felony charges. Currently, several Washington counties sometimes use a formula to set bail amounts.

The House also approved a bill that would toughen penalties for those charged with rendering criminal assistance.

The bills now head to the Senate for consideration.

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Law enforcement officials worked with the governor’s office to decide how lawmakers could respond to the Nov. 29 shootings by Maurice Clemmons that killed four Lakewood police officers. Two other officers were shot to death in unrelated incidents in October and December.

Source: Policeone.com

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