Bullet Water
A shot from high speed photographer Alexander Auguestjein that captured bullets piercing colored water droplets. (CREDIT: ALEXANDER AUGUSTEIJN LEX AUGUSTEIJN PHOTOGRAPHY)

Watch a Bullet Pierce Through Water at High Speeds

Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn puts breaks on bullet travel with high-speed photos.

Have you ever wanted to see a bullet pass through water while traveling at high speeds?

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Dutch photographer Alexander Augusteijn has slowed things down for the human eye to appreciate.

According to Mashable:

Augusteijn specializes in high-speed photography and designed his own equipment to capture bullets piercing colored water droplets. Using a special software, Augusteijn controls the water droplets, the firing of the guns, flashing lights and the camera shutter to capture mesmerizing photographs.

Augusteijn has more high-speed photo galleries on his website. The galleries have more bullet-themed photos, like one passing through a can of Coke and another piercing a water balloon.

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