Weapon misfires at Wisconsin gun show, bullet hits display.

Tragedy was narrowly averted Saturday morning when a handgun was…

Tragedy was narrowly averted Saturday morning when a handgun was fired during a crowded gun show inside the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds Expo Building.

A man in his 70s was showing the gun to a man operating a display booth at the show when it fired, the round traveling into a gun case, said Fond du Lac Police Department Capt. Mat Mueller.

No one was injured, but the bullet easily could have struck someone, he said.

Each person entering the show is required to have his or her weapon checked at the door to make sure it does not contain any ammunition, Mueller said.

“There was a long line and this guy apparently didn’t want to wait, so he was able to get in without having his gun checked,” Mueller said. “He worked his way over to his buddy, pulled back the slide … and the slide springs forward and the gun fires.”

The bullet struck and shattered a glass display case, he said.

“We averted a major tragedy,” Mueller said. “Someone easily could have been killed.”

Two years ago at a similar gun show at the Fairgrounds, a man received minor injuries when he was accidentally shot in the foot with a handgun.

Guns were checked at the door during that show as well.

Mueller said people attending a gun show should be able to assume that none of the weapons in the building are loaded.

The owner of the gun in Saturday’s incident was cited for a city ordinance violation of discharging a weapon in the city.

Source: Fdlreporter.com.

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    1) Dumbass gun handler.
    2) Dumbass gun writer. This was an accidental discharge, not a misfire. Misfire is a gun malfunction where a loaded weapon does NOT go bang.

  • Berge

    With incidents like this, puts to question of allowing private gun ownership. Gun owners are their own worst enemy. Without exception, all gun owners must act responsibly.