Weapons check at Comic-Con uncovers some serious stuff.

Security provided by Elite and Staff Pro at Comic-Con went…

Security provided by Elite and Staff Pro at Comic-Con went over items brought by intergalactic role players and other fans entering the San Diego Convention Center. Faux weapons are cleared, real ones confiscated. Image: John Gastaldo

Comic-Con — it’s all nerdy fun and games until someone loses an eye to a razor-sharp stilleto.

Or a two-foot long machete.

Or an honest-to-Rambo AR-15 rifle.

“What we are trying to do,” said a member of the Con’s weapons checking team, who wouldn’t give his name, “is keep people from getting hurt and Comic-Con from getting sued.”

When Frodo enters the convention center, say, someone from a team of 10 ex-cops makes sure his replica Middle Earth sword can’t lop off any real world limbs.

“Weapons” that pass this inspection are marked with a bit of sparkling tape. Those that don’t are held until their owners leave.

Friday, the pile of seized weapons included two machetes, one dagger, a commando-style K-bar knife and a lead pipe. No rifles — unlike Thursday, when a fan tried to enter with an actual AR-15.

Source: Peter Rowe for Signonsandiego.com.

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  • General Jim M

    And just how many attacks on other people have been made by these weapons? Where are the stats? A weapon does not always mean that the bearer will be violent.Medieval Faires and Civil war reenactors sometimes carry authentic weapons,but they don’t attack anyone.Fire the security and give all of the weapons back.The worst that security should have been able to do is refuse the people admittance or tell them they had to leave.Taking their property is theft even if it is called confiscation.did the security people get to take the weapons home?