Website shows which Nashville restaurants allow, prohibit guns.

Along with hours, entrée prices, beer selections and smoking policies,…

Along with hours, entrée prices, beer selections and smoking policies, diners and drinkers might want to know another key piece of information before choosing a restaurant or bar: Will anyone be packing?

A new website will try to answer that question, letting diners know which Nashville establishments allow guns inside and which ones prohibit them.

The site,, made its debut Friday in response to a new state law that allows gun carry permit holders to bear arms in any establishment that serves alcohol unless the owner explicitly bans guns. Permit holders aren’t allowed to drink while carrying.

Ray Friedman, a Vanderbilt University management professor, and his daughter, Toni, a Hume-Fogg High School student, started the website and a nonprofit organization, Gun Free Dining Tennessee.

Friedman noted that polls have shown that most Tennessee residents don’t want to allow guns in restaurants or bars. He said he hopes the site can have a “free-market” impact. By voting with their pocketbooks, diners might be able to force some establishments to change their policies.

“By and large, it will be in the economic interests of restaurants to be gun-free,” Friedman said.

John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association, said his organization has no problem with the new site. The association is happy that restaurant and bar owners are now free to make their own decisions about guns.

“Our position has been for a long time that the state needs to be out of it, and it needs to be a matter between the merchant and their customers,” he said.

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  • DNOH

    Hmmm… gun free restaurants -or- rob us – we’re unarmed restaurants???

  • D.D.

    Finally, a website that tells me where not to dine at. If you won’t allow me to defend myself, and I’m sure they’re not going to do it for me, then they certainly don’t want my business. I’ll gladly carry into the local McD’s before going slick into a 5 star restaurant.