White House rejects ATF proposal for reporting of long-gun sales.

The White House budget office has delivered a blow to…

The White House budget office has delivered a blow to the federal agency charged with regulating gun stores, rejecting its emergency request designed to slow gun trafficking into Mexico.

The Office of Management and Budget notified the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives last week that its request to require gun stores in four border states to report the multiple sales of certain long guns favored by Mexican cartels did not constitute an emergency under the law.

The move came four days after 17 U.S. senators wrote to the budget office criticizing the proposal. The letter was obtained Tuesday by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“This proposed policy change is a ‘solution’ looking for a problem and unfounded and misguided protests by foreign governments should not lead to regulatory actions not based on statutory authority,” says the letter, signed by Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and other Republicans.

Source: John Diedrich for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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  • General Jim M

    The feds supplied guns to the cartels not long ago,i’m pretty sure it was a BATFE.We train and equip the Palestinians.Our leaders have no morals.It is not healthy to be our friend.We play both sides and equip both sides.Look into it.It was recent,that the Feds gave a good number of fireams to the cartels.

  • General Jim M

    Gun running? C’mon guys we are the biggest gunrunners on the planet!!!!It makes me laugh that Obama is so shocked that the Libyan dictator,whose name i never could spell,is using aircraft to bomb his’ opponents.As far as i’m concerned no matter who runs Libya they are never gonna be our friends.All these rebellions aren’t for freedom,they are for a united middle eastern caliphate,hostile to the west and any religion that is not Islam.So let them kill each other,less enemies for us to face later.Oh yea,back to the horror of airstrikes,everyone stateside loved SHOCK AND AWE,that was bombing people.They enjoyed the highway to hell when the Iraqi army fled Kuwait and was bombed,strafed and rocketed mercilessly.Airstrikes have their place.We might not even be capable of winning battles without them.So stop crying for the caliphates minions,there will be less of them to cut your head off.

  • Not to mention UNCONSTITUTIONAL…so why is OMB..the arbiter?