Will a Surge Work in Afghanistan?

WASHINGTON - One of the repeated themes of the presidential…

WASHINGTON – One of the repeated themes of the presidential campaign has been that the troop surge in Iraq worked, and will work in Afghanistan. However analysis shows this idea ignores some strong differences between the two countries. Iraq’s war is largely an urban based conflict, which requires different tactics, manpower and equipment than it would in Afghanistan. Not only are there geographical differences but there are infrastructure and tribal differences and many believe a surge would require an amount of manpower and equipment that we do not have.

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  • I served in Afganistan in the Kandahar province during 04-05 as an American. A surge as we know it now will in my opinion not work. The tribes there are much different and have a completely different mind-set than the folks in our other AOR. We passed this mission to incompetent forces that have failed to understand the make up, culture and mind-set of these people. Which in turn lend to further violence, increased modern weaponary in the AOR and empowered the Taliban to operate with increased support of locals. This is a COIN operation, mission. We in my veiw are losing this campaign slowly. The Canadians have introduced Arty, main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers in the south. Every month is seeing growing attacks on the coalition forces. This mission should be religated to SOF forces only and the regular forces should be boxed up and held for specfic tasking to support the SOF. Killing the wrong people on many Ops is hurting the “Hearts and Minds” of the people and forcing them over to the radical elements. Stand down the the regular forces and allow our SF and world SOF to do what they do best. You cannot kill enough of these people to make them lay down or beat them into subbmission. You only increase their resistance and resolve. The Russians tried and we see where that got them.