Winchest Ammunition supports United States Biathlon team.

After competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.,…

After competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C., the United States Biathlon Team recently gained more momentum with the support from Winchester Ammunition’s announcement to become a “Gold Inner Circle” sponsor.

“These are fine young men and women who represent the shooting sports extremely well and Winchester is proud of our U.S. team for representing our nation with honor and determination at the 2010 Winter Olympics” said Brett Flaugher, vice president of marketing and sales for Winchester® Ammunition.

Biathlon is a sport that captivates and fascinates nearly all who see it. The world-class Biathlete attempts to combine the physically demanding sport of cross-country skiing with the intense precision of rifle marksmanship. The opposing disciplines collide with unique drama at the shooting range. With hearts pounding nearly three times a second, athletes struggle to control their breathing as they attempt to hold their rifles steady and squeeze off a successful shot, knowing that each shot, and the number of seconds it takes to make it, will determine who stands on the podium that day.

“The news of Winchester’s support generated a huge round of applause at one of our last team meetings,” commented Max Cobb, executive director of the United States Biathlon Team (USBA). “Our athletes and coaches tremendously appreciate the growing confidence in our team that Winchester’s support represents.”

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