Winchester Ammunition Develops Reduced Recoil .460 S&W

For 2008, Winchester Ammunition offers a reduced recoil load for…

winchester.jpgFor 2008, Winchester Ammunition offers a reduced recoil load for the .460 S&W Magnum, allowing shooters more pleasurable target sessions and hunting options. A proven big bore hunting caliber, the .460 S&W provides excellent energy transfer and deep penetration. The new Winchester Super-X® .460 S&W Reduced Recoil round features a 250-grain jacketed hollow point bullet, a muzzle velocity of 1,450 feet per second (fps) and an impressive 1,517 foot-pounds of muzzle energy.

Engineered to offer nearly 50-percent reduction in recoil compared to full power loads, while still retaining enough energy for hunting at normal handgun distances, the new .460 S&W Reduced Recoil load is an ideal choice for deer-sized game, predators and target shooting. The more manageable recoil also allows hunters the benefit of quicker follow-up shots.

Long recognized as the leader in big bore handgun products, Winchester continues its dedication to offering shooters a wide array of options to better match their load with their chosen sport or hunt. The new Reduced Recoil load joins the Winchester Supreme® .460 S&W 260-grain Partition Gold® full power load introduced in 2007, as well as a full complement of other big bore handgun cartridge loads.

The new .460 Super-X S&W Reduced Recoil features:
– 250-grain jacketed hollow point bullet
– More manageable recoil for quicker follow-up shots
– Muzzle velocity of 1,450 fps
– Muzzle energy of 1,157 foot-pounds
– Suited for deer-sized game, predators and target shooting

Winchester Big Bore Handgun Offerings:

Cartridge Bullet Type Weight MV ME Prod. Code
41 Rem-Mag Platinum Tip® 240 gr. 1250 833 Supreme® S41PTHP
41 Rem-Mag Platinum Tip 250 gr. 1250 867 Supreme S44PTHP
44 Rem-Mag PartitionGold® 250 gr. 1230 840 Supreme S44MP
44 Rem-Mag JHP 240 gr. 1180 741 Super-X X44MHSP2
45 Win Mag JHP 260 gr. 1200 831 Super-X X45WMA
454 Casull Platinum Tip 260 gr. 1800 1870 Supreme S454PTHP
454 Casull Partition Gold 260 gr. 1800 1870 Supreme SPG454
*454 Casull JHP 250 gr. 1300 938 Super-X X454C3
454 Casull JHP 300 gr. 1625 1759 Super-X X454C22
460 S&W Mag Partition Gold 260 gr. 2000 2309 Supreme® SPG460SW
*460 S&W Mag JHP 250 gr. 1450 1157 Super-X X460SW
500 S&W Platinum Tip 400 gr. 1800 2877 Supreme® S500PTHP
*500 S&W JHP 350 gr. 1400 1523 Super-X® X500SW
* Reduced Recoil

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