Winston-Salem, NC police department gets new tactical response unit (video).

The Winston-Salem Police Department has a new tool. The department…

The Winston-Salem Police Department has a new tool. The department finally got a new armored tactical rescue vehicle. It’s bigger, and safer than their old unit.

Chief Scott Cunningham says it could end up in a proposed police museum. “The good thing is that the citizens can have a little more comfort that they know that if something bad happens we’ve got the additional capabilities to come and help them out more safely than we have in the past.”

The department has had the unit for about two weeks. Within three days, they put it to use when a homicide suspect locked himself in a house with a high-powered rifle, before he committed suicide.

They used some 911 funding money to buy it for about $345,000. Chief Cunningham said its worth it, “It allows us to put our SWAT officers into a situation more safely so they don’t have to approach from exposed position or from behind a police car they can approach in this vehicle. It’s big enough that we can send whatever compliment of SWAT officers into a situation we need to safely. And in some situations where there’s hostages, we can get those citizens out of there safely with our team. […] It’s probably going to be a 25 year vehicle and in that time we’re very confident its going to save several lives here in town.”

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