Wis. Man Questioned for Legally Carrying Holstered Gun

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. -- A Wisconsin man was questioned by…

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. — A Wisconsin man was questioned by police outside his home for wearing a holstered gun in the open… one year after he was arrested for the exact same reason.  Brad Krause’s previous arrest is what initially caused the attorney general to reexamine the state’s gun laws and allow law-abiding citizens to carry a gun in the open.  Now, one day after Wisconsin’s attorney general legalized open carry in public places, Krause is still being questioned by law enforcement officers.

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  • scott

    If he was not causing a problem or threating other people then why are the police involved,he is well in his right to open carry after the AG made it legal,it seems to me that the police chief and the police officers are the ones that have broken the law and who is going to hold them accountable?

  • Scott

    Homer, he was being interviewed by a local TV station at the time the police questioned him. I doubt he was considering committing a crime. I wonder if the cameras had an effect on how the officers handled the questioning?

  • Did anyone consider the fact that maybe the guy just looks dangerous? Like he might go postal at any moment? Suspicious looking character? Might be getting ready to commit a crime? Huh!

  • Kelly

    The same thing recently happened to a disabled Iraq veteran in a north Denver suburb. The police siezed his 8″ barreled revolver that was in a holster outside his clothing and they have yet to return it. He has no money for legal assistance and was planning to meet with the police to recover his handgun.

  • Armando

    I did not spell correctly because I meant to do it for a reason. Back words…..get it!?

  • Armando

    What kind of ass backwords thing to do…..or am I the only one who is missing this. I’m surprised that proper legal representation has not had this taken care of.