Wisconsin bill could allow all gun owners in the state the right to carry concealed.

Gun rights advocates say a bill making its way through…

Gun rights advocates say a bill making its way through the state legislature now is the first step towards granting all gun owners in the state the right to carry a concealed weapon. The legislation would grant all retired law enforcement officers in the state the right to carry a concealed weapon. Federal law already grants the right to federal law enforcement officers.

At a recent hearing, one of the bill’s sponsors, Ann Hraychuck (D – Balsam Lake) said for her, passing the bill is a matter of life and death. Hraychuck is a former county sheriff. She investigated a case involving a former high school classmate who was convicted of felony child abuse who told her he was going to kill her when he gets out of prison. Hraychuck says the man is now free, and she can no longer carry a concealed firearm to protect herself.

The bill has strong support from police and sheriff’s departments across the state. Former state senator Robert Welch is now a lobbyist for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. He urged the committee to pass the bill and then move on to expanding concealed carry rights to all state residents.

Both the Milwaukee police chief and the Milwaukee district attorney also testified in favor of this first step towards universal concealed carry rights in the state.

Source: Fox 21 Online

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  • Municop

    This article is untrue. HR 214 gives ALL Law Enforcement officers the right to carry anywhere in the USA (sans Aircraft etc). HR 214 also gives this same right to RETIRED Law Enforcement Officers who retire in “good Standing” with at least 15 years of service (I believe that was lowered to 10 years last summer). So, FOX once again had it wrong.

  • JM

    Typical, people like this become pro-gun when they are not in a position of power (rich enough to have armed body guards, law enforcement, or have security provided at public expense). This reminds me of the hypocritical statement made by Rosie O’Donnell that just because she had armed security protecting her and her children that she still didn’t think ordinary people should be allowed to own guns for self defense. Why couldn’t bill sponsor Ann Hraychuck have proposed this legislation before she left the law enforcement profession and a threatening individual was released from custody? The answer is simple, no personal advantage involved. Now that she is simply another citizen with no special privilege to carry a hand gun the state’s unconstitutional gun laws are no longer best for the general public as most non-gun people like to preach. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against this bill, I’m very much pro-gun and am a CCW holder. I hope this bill passes and leads to regular citizens getting the same rights being proposed here for former law enforcement officers. I’m just disgusted by situations like this.