Wisconsin expected to expand gun owner rights.

Wisconsin, one of two states in the nation that prohibits…

Wisconsin, one of two states in the nation that prohibits citizens from carrying a concealed weapon, is expected to reverse this law during the upcoming state legislative session, according to a local newspaper.

Only Illinois and Wisconsin forbid carrying concealed weapons. A Republican was elected governor and Republicans won majorities in both houses of the Wisconsin legislature in November, bringing many more supporters of gun rights to the state government.

“You’re going to see a concealed carry bill pass the Legislature, I have no doubt,” Chris Danou, a Democratic legislator from Trempealeau, Wisconsin, told the LaCrosse Tribune newspaper. “The question is what kind of bill it’s going to be.”

Guns are a big part of Wisconsin culture as hunting is popular in the state, which has vast areas of forest and agricultural land. But it has traditionally restricted gun ownership and carrying weapons.

Twice in recent years the Wisconsin legislature passed a law allowing concealed carry but Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed it. Doyle left office this month and was succeeded by Republican Scott Walker.

Walker said last week that he expects a concealed carry bill to emerge as early as spring, after the legislature tackles more pressing issues such as job growth and the budget, and that he will sign the bill.

“It’s definitely a pro-gun Legislature,” Nik Clark, president of Wisconsin Carry, a two-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and expanding gun rights, told the newspaper.

Source: John Rondy, Editing by Greg McCune and Peter Bohan for Reuters.

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  • gene willis

    lets see,1000 feet from any four directions from a school zone.that means you would have to live in the hills or at least 3 and a quarter block from any schools in your district.right to carry?concealed or open,if law enforcements ask if you are carrying and you are not exactly 1000 feet from a school,you will be arrested and fined.get rid of the 1000 feet rule and then sign the law.gun geabbers put this in place.tell gov.walker to veto this problem.