Wisconsin Rapids Police Department Facebook
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Joins Communities on Facebook

Wisconsin Law Enforcement Joins Communities on Facebook

Like most police forces around the country, Facebook has made interaction with citizens much easier for three Wisconsin-based law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcements agencies across the state of Wisconsin have taken to social media to better interact with their citizens.

Three agencies — the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department, the Marshfield Police Department and the Portage County Sheriff’s Office — have all joined Facebook recently and are growing their fans at a rapid pace, according to the Stevens Point Journal.

It contains information about people officials are trying to find, crimes they’re trying to solve and public safety messages. It also includes the things like rescuing ducks and raising money for Special Olympics — things officers do that often go unnoticed.

“What it’s really done best is it lets everyday people understand what we do,” Wisconsin Rapids Police Department lieutenants Brian Krzykowski told the Stevens Point Journal.

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The move to join social media came in an effort to let citizens better understand what it was that local law enforcement officers did on a day-to-day basis.

“It’s fun stuff,” Krzykowski said. “It’s what we see and how we portray it to the public and help them understand us better.”

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