Wisconsin town disbands police dept.; What to do with 58,000 rounds?

After disbanding their police department, Pewaukee officials are trying to…

After disbanding their police department, Pewaukee officials are trying to find out why 58,000 rounds of ammunition were left and what they should do with it.

Pewaukee – a city of about 11,000 in southeastern Wisconsin — had about 25 officers when the department was broken up at the start of the year to save money.

A Waukesha County sheriff’s lieutenant said a police force of that size should only need one-fifth of what was left over, or about 11,000 rounds.

But former officer Robert Kraemer said the department needed the ammo because about 40 regular and lake patrol officers had training with their weapons four times a year, and two of last year’s sessions were canceled due to the budget cuts.

Meanwhile, Pewaukee officials are debating whether to sell the ammunition – something mayoral candidate Roger Hathaway opposes while a court challenge continues over the ending of the police force.

Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki agreed it’s a high volume of ammo. Depending on when they bought it, he said the city should have no trouble selling it.

Source: Rivertowns.net.

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  • kevdog

    A town of 11,000 people has a police force of 25? That’s crazy wasteful.I grew up in a town of 9,000 people and our police for was 9, and we got along just fine. No wonder they disbanded the dept, it got fat and bloated…