Witness releases new video of fatal police-involved shooting during Urban Beach Week (video).

A West Palm Beach couple who filmed Monday morning’s deadly…

A West Palm Beach couple who filmed Monday morning’s deadly officer-involved shooting on South Beach has accused officers of intimidation, destroying evidence and twisting the facts in the chaos surrounding the Memorial Day shootings – a charge that police officials say they know nothing about.

Meanwhile, a South Carolina man charged with DUI in a second officer-involved shooting that morning says he is innocent.

On Thursday, The Miami Herald spoke to the couple that saw the end of the 4 a.m. police chase on Collins Avenue, then watched and filmed from just a few feet away as a dozen officers fired their guns repeatedly into Raymond Herisse’s blue Hyundai. They say the only reason they were able to show the video to a reporter is because they hid a memory card after police allegedly pointed guns at their heads, threw them to the ground and smashed the cell phone that took the video.

Source: Miami Herald

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  • Molon Lobe

    Sorry but I am not sure what I am supposed to see in this disjointed and jerky film? How is this supposed to protray police misconduct?

  • Jay

    Hey Trigger Happy Joe Deputy. Try to take my camera. 😉

  • General Jim M

    Just because a guy is wearing a badge it does not make him one of the goodguys,anyone remember SERPICO>