Wyoming concealed weapons law hits streets Friday.

Starting Friday, Wyoming will join three other states in allowing…

Starting Friday, Wyoming will join three other states in allowing individuals to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

Anyone who meets the same requirements to obtain a Wyoming concealed weapons permit can legally carry a firearm in any place that is not specifically prohibited.

The change comes in the wake of the last legislative session, in which the bill passed the House in a 49-9 vote.

“It’s a real responsibility, and potentially taking someone’s life can’t be taken lightly,” Greg Malatesta said after attending the Cheyenne Police Department’s informational class about the law change Tuesday night. “It’s good to see that a lot of people did show up and that they had so many that they needed a second class.”

Source: Lindsey Erin Kroskob for Wyoming News.

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  • Begin with the end in mind. Know the law. Know who, what, when and where you can use Lethal Force. Have a lawyer contact card in your pocket and know what to say to the police IF you have to draw your weapon. Texas Law Shield provides the most comprehensive protection of this type for Texans. If your a Texan or a nonresident in Texas I will train you. If you have a State CHL you have RECIPROCITY with other states IF you have no CHL you may be able to carry in your state but will not know what to do on travel.

  • LC

    All I got to say is “Look Out” bad guys!!!!!!!!!

  • Great job WY!