Yale will train US Special Forces in interrogation techniques

Image: Wanderer and Wonderer/flickr Yale University is planning to train…

Interrogation Room
Image: Wanderer and Wonderer/flickr

Yale University is planning to train US Special Forces to detect lies by practicing on immigrants. The program strives to provide soldiers with such interview tactics by practicing on “someone they can’t necessarily identify with”.

Starting as early as April, the university will launch a new training center on its campus for interrogators to practice what they call “people skills”. But these skills would be acquired by relying on immigrants based in New Haven. The program leaders believe this would prepare the Green Berets for overseas interrogations.

The $1.8 million program is headed by Dr. Charles Morgan III, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine, whose interview methods have sparked an interest with the Department of Defense, the Yale Herald reports.

“I want students to be interviewing someone they can’t necessarily identify with,” Morgan told the Herald. As a result, the associate professor said he will choose his ‘subjects’ from Moroccan, Columbian, Nepalese, Ecuadorian and other immigrant communities.

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