Young police ‘Explorers’ compete in Chandler, AZ Tactical Competition.

Hundreds of police explorers came to the Valley for the…

Hundreds of police explorers came to the Valley for the 13th Annual Chandler Tactical Competition on Sunday.

It was held at the Chandler Fire Department Training Facility.

The nationwide Explorer Program is for young adults aged 14-21 who want a career in law enforcement.

Explorer is a co-educational program developed and supervised by community organizations, businesses and individuals.

The members are taught skills such as communication, teamwork and organization.

On Sunday, the Phoenix Police Department Explorer Post #2906 competed against 60 other Explorer posts from around the country.

Over 700 explorers took part.

In addition to obstacle courses and fitness events, there were also emergency simulations such as High Risk Warrants, Rapid Deployment, Narcotics Bust, and Hostage Rescue Mission.

Source: Imani Randolph ABC15.

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  • General Jim M

    The writers of these articles that praise police militarism should remember who they are.Are they Americans, or will they obey orders without question ? Orders, transmitted down the line to their local superiors,from masters who they do not know.If you are a cop you work for your local authority,you are not a Fed,so,you don’t have to follow their orders.

  • General Jim M

    Too bad they are training the kids to be SWAT teams against veterans and gun owners in America.It is ok to have ROTC,Boy Scouts and Explorers as long as they are not turned into Hitler youth.Police departments in America are not servants of washington DC. they are town,city,county and state police.They should not be combined into one huge militaristic gestapo that think of the citizens as an enemy.Lets cops be cops and soldiers be soldiers,anthing else becomes a tool of tyranny.The German army had no choice but to obey Hitler.The Gestapo/SS web kept a close eye out for anyone in the military who would dare question Hitler’s government of any mistakes or wrongs.No,Explorers should not train to be shock troops.

  • great! thats the single best thing LE can do get young people involved as a proactive approach too
    reduceing gun crimes , and building a foundation
    for the next gen.of law enforcement. not to mention the mindset and criteria for owning a firearm is the same for many many other jobs as well. so often we as parents protect our kids too death, and what i mean is edjucation is the key to
    gun controll not oppresive laws. granted guns arnt for everyone but if everyone had to assume that the person next to them had one the US would be alot safer my 9 year has been shooting airsoft
    replicas in top swat format for a while now he loves being a good guy not a thug! as a matter of fact if someone would have told me 10 years ago
    that my oldest son and i would be as close as we are today i dont think i could have been able to preceive it and a big reason is the time spent building firearms, the best airsoft replicas, camping and respect for the law and world inwich we live…..good job AZ