Youth baseball league nixes gun store owner’s team sponsorship.

A Maplewood, New Jersey man is upset that a Little…

A Maplewood, New Jersey man is upset that a Little League baseball league has rejected his business as a team sponsor.

Matthew Carmel’s son played in the South Orange-Maplewood Baseball League last year and he wanted to sponsor a team in the coming season. A sponsorship costs $300.

The league committee rejected his offer.  Carmel thinks that it is because his business happens to be a gun store called Constitution Arms.

Carmel says, “It is fairly clear that someone has a problem with firearms.”

He started the sponsorship process in October. He says after months of correspondence and delays he finally received a rejection from the league secretary via a short e-mail.

It read “The committee asked me to thank you for Constitution Arms’ offer to sponsor a team in the South Orange Maplewood youth baseball league. The Executive Committee of the league voted not to accept Constitution Arms as a sponsor. The committee did not give a reason for its decision.”

Carmel says what really bothers him is that, while he was rejected, other league sponsors could raise some eyebrows, including businesses that sell or serve tobacco and alcohol.

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  • Otto

    Gun stores are a great opportunity to teach children responsibility, a sense of duty and consequence. Shooting sports are enjoyed by youths all over America. Arms and their dealers are part of the fabric and culture of this country, starting with our founding fathers.

    We need to educate more people and rebuke the damage that the media has done to the image, purpose and nature of arms.