Zetas gang leader ‘El Loco’ arrested after 49 beheaded bodies found.

Army soldiers flank Daniel Ramirez, alias "El Loco," during his…

Army soldiers flank Daniel Ramirez, alias “El Loco,” during his presentation to the media in Mexico City on May 21, 2012. (Alexandre Meneghini/AP Photo)

Authorities have arrested an alleged Zetas drug cartel leader nicknamed “El Loco,” AKA the Fool or the Crazy One, on charges that he dumped 49 headless bodies on a highway outside Monterrey, Mexico.

When the Mexican Army came to arrest Daniel Elizondo Jesus Ramirez, say authorities, Ramirez attempted to elude capture by shooting at troops and throwing a fragmentation grenade. Zetas commanders nicknamed The Shrimp and The Speaker have also been linked to the body dump, but officials have not yet apprehended them.

During a press conference in Mexico City, Brig. General Edgar Ruiz Villegas Melendez alleged that “El Loco” had been told to dump the bodies in the town square of Cadereyta but instead chose to dump them on a nearby highway. Villegas claimed that Ramirez, who was arrested Sunday, had confessed to dumping the corpses and said he’d done so on the orders of Zeta leaders.

Source: Randy Kreider for ABC News.

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