Abloy Super Weather Proof 330

Why is Abloy Super Weather Proof 330 one of the…

Why is Abloy Super Weather Proof 330 one of the world’s best padlocks?

Storms from the sea, burning sun, biting frost, desert sand and dust—natural forces subject high-security installations in telecommunication and energy networks, mines and water utilities to extreme stress.

To secure critical locations in severe and rapidly changing weather, railway professionals in Asia were urgently searching for locks that they could rely on in all conditions. They turned to Abloy Oy, a Finnish company with decades of experience in listening to customers and developing high-quality locking systems that meet their needs.

ABLOY SUPER WEATHER PROOF (SWP) padlocks were born—a locking solution in which the components are extremely
well protected to ensure operation in all conditions. Security is guaranteed even with regular exposure to extreme heat or cold, storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust.

To learn more, visit AbloyUSA.com.

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