AR500 Armor Body Armor
AR500 Armor Body Armor

AR500 Armor Body Armor

The AR500 Armor Body Armor line of affordable level III rifle threat protection body armor is rated for calibers up to 7.62x51 M80 and starts at only $65.00.

AR500 Armor’s line of affordable level III rifle threat protection body armor is rated for calibers up to 7.62×51 M80 and starts at only $65.00—a fraction of the cost compared to other level III alternatives. A few different models include an ergonomic “curved” model, which rings at $85.00. AR500 Armor offers common sizes compatible with plate carriers that will accept standard SAPI style armor, or the traditional “shooters cut”. AR500 offers a variety of side plates, chest plates and rectangle back plates—as well as the ability to perform custom work and fabricate nearly any size and shape imaginable.

Aside from price, AR500 Armor Body Armor offers significantly improved multi-hit capabilities. The ballistic core is able to resist more rounds in a given area than Ceramic, Dyneema, and UHMWPE types of body armor. In addition, AR500 Armor Body Armor is stress-fracture-resistant and is designed to endure rough use and abuse, requiring no special maintenance routine or storage methods. Watch the accompanying stress test video complete with drop tests along with running over our level III curved plate with a 9,700lb forklift, followed up by (5) rounds of 5.56 M855/ss109 penetrators, and (5) rounds of 7.62×51 M80 NATO ball at just 20 feet.

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  • Daniel

    I can vouch for AR500 Armor body armor. It’s
    proved reliable and exceeded my expectations in my own testing. This was before
    I saw their test and countless other reviews. At $65 a plate, it’s hard not to
    test it yourself. I was referred to them by friends who have made previous
    purchases earlier this year. Lead time when they purchased was longer than
    expected at the beginning of the year, but mine arrived in just a few days. So
    far I haven’t been let down with my experience. I think it’s safe to say neither
    have others based on their reputation and feedback. I will continue to
    recommend them and thank them for keeping an outstanding product affordable.

  • Jim

    Did you know that AR500ARMOR.COM claim their plates are 100% made in the USA, but their metal comes from a mill in Mexico? They buy their metal from a company called Kloeknermetals / Temtco Steel in Apache Junction, AZ. I know because I called Kloeknermetals and they told me they sold AR500 (branded as OMEGA Armor) to AR500ARMOR.Com in Phoenix. They will tell you straight up that they buy the slabs from a mill in Mexico. How can you claim your product is 100% made in the USA if you don’t use metal metaled and formed in the USA. (they only roll it here)

    If they are fraudulent enough to tell you they have a 100% Made in the USA product and don’t, I won’t do business with them.

    • Richard

      Sorry to open your eyes but raw materials come from “who knows where”. You were expecting certification records from iron ore mined in the Mesabi Range, cast at USS in Chicago and finished rolled at a mill in the USA. Not going to happen.