ASP Tungsten USB

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has expanded its Tungsten light…

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has expanded its Tungsten light family with the new Tungsten USB.

The Tungsten USB can be recharged on the go using a laptop computer or any micro USB cellphone charger. ASP’s Transitional Lights are intermediate size lights with full size performance. They have machined grips and advanced user interfaces.

Powered by ASP’s custom-made 18650-Lithium Ion battery, the Tungsten USB’s latest XPG2 LED light produces a powerful 350 lumens of ultra-white light with a continuous runtime of approximately two hours. The Tungsten USB’s battery has a protection circuit module to prevent overcharging or short–circuiting, and the battery indicator on the light blinks red when charging and turns solid green when fully charged.

The linear form factor of the Tungsten USB makes it easily carried lens up or lens down. It’s built with precision-machined high strength aluminum with a Type 3 matte black, hard coat anodized finish. It has a 3-position switch (intermittent, locking and constant-on). The center locking position guards against accidental activation.

The Tungsten USB comes with a detachable and reversible pocket clip, a Micro USB to USB retractable cord, a car charger, a wall charger and a zippered travel case. The MSRP is $105.

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