ATI FX 45 Fat Boy LightweightTL Handgun

ATI FX 45 Fat Boy Lightweight Pistol | American Tactical Imports 45 ACP

Weighing just 27 ounces, the ATI FX 45 Fat Boy Lightweight makes a quality concealed carry pistol.

ATI FX 45 Fat Boy LightweightTL

American Tactical Imports is proud to introduce the FX 45 Fatboy Lightweight, exclusively from ATI.

The new Fatboy LW weights only 27 ounces, making it ideal for conceal carry situations. The lightweight version is very similar to classic officers model 1911 pistol with 3.20″ barrel length and an overall length of 6.89″; however, the Fatboy LW comes with an aluminum frame and a skeletonized aluminum trigger. The Fatboy Lightweight offers a double-stack magazine that holds either a 10 or 12 round capacity, in 45ACP. With its low profile rear sights and military style slide-stop and safety lock, the Fatboy Lightweight is the complete package in an officer’s size 1911 model.

The FX45 Fatboy LW has an MSRP of $699.95.

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