Burris AR-DBAL

Burris AR-DBAL Dual-Beam Laser Sighting System

Long a proven leader in riflescope technology, Burris is now…

Long a proven leader in riflescope technology, Burris is now offering high-tech laser sighting devices.

The Burris AR-DBAL is an Eye-Safe dual beam laser sighting system, equipped with both a Class I Infrared laser pointer (perfect for use with night vision equipment) and a Class IIIa Red or Green (depending on model) visible laser pointer. It allows for seamless transition from daylight maneuvers to low-light operations, with rugged construction that allows it to perform under the most rigorous conditions.

The adjustable focus infrared laser gives the operator options depending on mission requirements. When focused, the laser provides a continuous beam along the weapon’s line of fire for precise aiming. When de-focused, the beam spreads to provide improved illumination and situational awareness. High and low intensity settings are available, as well as electronic single- and double-tap activation. Single-tap activation enables momentary activation, while double-tap activation provides continuous activation for five minutes. Built to last, the laser meets MIL-STD-810G requirements for reliability in desert heat or arctic cold, and is waterproof up to 66 feet.

Visit BurrisOptics.com/ardbal.html to learn more.

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