Liberty Ammunition USM4 Ultra Defense Ammo

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Liberty Ammunition’s USM4 UltraDefense® handgun projectile is a monolithic, hollow- point, lead-free handgun projectile that significantly outperforms traditional lead-based handgun ammunition across every metric. Liberty Ammunition’s handgun rounds have historically only been available to the Military because of their lethality, and have up until recently have been guarded by the Department of Defense under a Level III secret review. Now, after customization specifically for US Law Enforcement and Civilian Handgun Markets, the breakthrough performance projectiles are for the first time being made available to a broader target audience.

In recent independently validated live fire exercises conducted for members of the US Military and various foreign defense contractor leadership, Liberty’s USM4 demonstrated heretofore never witnessed performance. USM4’s 9MM, 45ACP, and 40 S&W projectiles achieved more than 2,000 fps velocity, making them the fastest known handgun projectile in the world. USM4’s velocity and unique design characteristics enables the projectile to overcome historical range, accuracy, and stopping power issues typically associated with handgun ammunition. In the performance demonstrations, USM4 achieved less than two inches of dispersion at 25 meters and greater than 12 inches of penetration in ballistic gelatin.

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  • Jake

    I work at a gun shop/indoor range. The first box of this I sold to someone, He shot at the range and came back showing me one that misfired. It was not a light primer strike by any means. It was a very deep, solid strike and the cartridge failed to go off. May be a fluke. With millions of rounds in producution, Any ammo from any manufacturer will have a dud or two at some point. I thought I’d at least put the experience out there in case there is a trend to be seen.