Lyman Gun and Brass Cleaning Solutions

Offering just the solution you need, Lyman has expanded its…

Offering just the solution you need, Lyman has expanded its line of TurboSonic Solutions, to include single-use Turbo Shots and economic gallon-sized containers.

Lyman’s new TurboShots single-use packets of brass or steel cleaning solvent are perfect for any reloader. For brass or steel parts, Lyman’s TurboSonic Solutions quickly remove tarnish, oxidation, dirt and carbon residue. With no measuring required, the packets hold the precise amount of concentrate needed for top performance in any brand of ultrasonic cleaner.

Designed for high-volume cleaning and lubrication, the new gallon containers of TurboSonic solutions give the gunsmith, armorer or advanced hobbyist plenty of cleaning concentrate or Lyman’s New TurboSonic Gun Lube.

Specifically formulated for ultrasonic use right out of the bottle, TurboSonic Gun Lube displaces moisture and penetrates all the hard to reach areas of any part, making it ideal for use after ultrasonic cleaning. The lube leaves a dry, protective, lubricating film and can be saved and used repeatedly.

Lyman’s new TurboSonic Solutions in gallon size and TurboShot single use packets, as well as all Lyman products and brands, are available nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies.

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