Roberts Defense Customized 1911

Roberts Defense Customized 1911s | 45 ACP 1911 Pistols

Developed by Roberts Defense, these custom 1911 pistols, chambered in 45 ACP, have options for law enforcement, competition, and home defense.

Roberts Defense has introduced a line of custom-built 1911s, chambered in .45 ACP, offering a multi-tiered selection for law enforcement, competitors and for personal and home defense use. All frames and slides are machined from forgings, and the pistols feature match-grade barrels and are outfitted with VZ Grips and target-quality Kensight gun sights.

Roberts Defense currently offers thirteen affordably priced models in three tiers—the Super Grade, Operator and Recon Series—that can be custom-built to meet your specific shooting needs.

“Whether you depend on a Model 1911 pistol for competitions, to guard your family, or to carry while you protect and serve,” Rob Unger, president of Roberts Defense said, “all of our parts are hand-fitted with the utmost attention to detail. We purposely build a limited amount of firearms to fit and function flawlessly, while never compromising, and making our high-quality product available at a reasonable price.”

Each Roberts Defense firearm is hand built by a stable of talented gunsmiths using 100% American-made quality components. Each firearm comes with a lifetime transferable warranty in a tactical soft case and accompanying gun lock. Each pistol is issued with a checklist the firearm must pass before it is sold, your assurance that it meets the stringent tests required to meet the company’s “never compromise” standard.

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