Safariland ILS Compact Flashlight Series

The Safariland Individual Light System (ILS) series flashlights featuring a…

The Safariland Individual Light System (ILS) series flashlights featuring a unique dual output for an instantaneous switch from low to high light on standard alkaline batteries are an extension of the popular RLS (Rapid Light System) light.

The ILS-1 is a hand-held mini-light with a 1” diameter (25.4 mm). It features a dual output of either 190 or 10 lumens. The output can be switched instantaneously with the push-button tailcap. There are also three small peripheral buttons on the tailcap that can be pressed for the low light option. The ILS-1 operates with three standard alkaline AAA batteries and includes an integral clip for easy attachment to a belt or garment. The flashlight face has a scalloped bezel to help dissipate heat should the light be left face down while turned on.

The ILS-2 compact light model also boasts a 1” diameter (25.4 mm) and has the same multi-button tailcap. Featuring a dual output that can be switched instantaneously from 15 lumens to 450 lumens, the ILS-2 can adjust from a wide angle to a focused light beam. This light features a removable scalloped bezel that allows for either a scalloped or flat face, depending on preference. A pocket clip is included for easy carry while a circular grip adapter assists in utilizing the light in a “between knuckles” shooting position in low-light conditions. The ILS-2 operates using six AAA batteries.

Available now, the ILS-1 has an MSRP of $98.00, while the ILS-2 has an MSRP of $120.00.

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  • stb

    This is a great light. A must have

  • JH

    anyone who buys this is a moron.

    • gotcha

      So, you bought one, eh?