Tubb Enterprises Static Stake Targets – VIDEO

* Precise Shot Identification by removing a quarter size area…

* Precise Shot Identification by removing a quarter size area of paint on bullet impact.
* Pointed AR500 Stake can be easily driven into rocky terrain with included Stake Driver.
* IPSC-C Zone Shape helps you train for competition.
* Target can be set at 30 Degrees forward for close range training. Targets at 30 Degrees meet DOD Military Specifications for Steel Targets by deflecting bullet fragments into dirt.
* Rifle Bullets with a muzzle velocity below 2800 fps can choot this target at close range.

* The AR500 Stake and target require zero maintenance, allowing you more time to train.
* The IPSC-C Target & Stake weighs 32lbs, and can be Carried, set up, and disassembled by one person.
* All Static Stake Targets (SST) share a common slot, allowing them to be moved to different stakes to create new shooting scenarios.
* The target Face and stake are constructed from the Mill Certified 3/8” armor plate (AR500) and can withstand thousands of shots.
* Consult the SST Safety Sheet for minimum shooting distance for your firearm/ammunition combination.

See more at tubbtargets.com.

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