BALLISTIC is a quarterly magazine devoted to readers looking for…

BALLISTIC is a quarterly magazine devoted to readers looking for the perfect blend of firearms, survival and high-tech products and information.

Our mission is to educate, prepare and entertain readers with informative articles and guides as well as reviews on some of the newest products as well as proven products. Each issue will offer robust layouts, graphs, guides and reviews, presented in a stylish and well-thought manner in an oversized format.

Every issue will be delivered with reviews on some of the most proven and new firearms, knives, survival gear, tech items and overall gear. BALLISTIC will deliver unique tips and techniques on all types of usage situations.

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Past Issues

Ballistic Spring 2017

Metal of Honor: Tool’s Maynard James Keenan Rocks a Commemorative NEMO Omen Recon

Walking point in the dark hours of the morning on Jan. 25, 2008, 24-year-old Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller led a multinational force of eight… read more

Ballistic Summer 2016

10 Experts: Can Competitive Shooting Help Real-World Defensive Shooting?

Article also compiled by John Naderi. A decade ago, there were seemingly very clear lines drawn between competition and tactical shooters. On one side, you… read more

Ballistic Spring 2016

Featured Firearm: AXTS Weapons Systems’ MI-T556 Rifle

At a time when reducing a carbine’s weight has seemingly become an even more popular pastime than refining it for consistent pinpoint accuracy, AXTS Weapons… read more

Ballistic Winter 2016

18 Experts Pick Their Concealed Carry Weapon of Choice

Let’s say you’ve chosen to carry a defensive handgun concealed but can’t decide on exactly which one to carry. We’ve been there. There are hundreds… read more

Ballistic Fall 2015

Torn Down And Rebuilt: CMMG’s Mk47 Mutant

There was a time when shooters had to choose between the accuracy and ergonomics of an AR-15 and the stopping power and reliability of an… read more

Ballistic Summer 2015

M4V11 LW: Daniel Defense’s Light Fighter

The AR-15 platform is a dime a dozen these days. Walk into most any gun shop in America and you’ll see a host of them… read more