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BlackGuns has a special focus on the latest in high-speed assault weapons, including subguns, PDWs and machinepistols and takes you through a narrower niche to the world of the latest, most advanced assault rifles for serious operators. Moving beyond just another “AR-15 book,” this comprehensive 144 page full-color encompasses the full world of tactical rifles, including the best benchmark designs as well as the newest developments. A complete coverage of a full range of tactical add-ons for the M4 and other AR-style weapons with round-up coverage from experts in the field. Included is a Special Buyer’s Guide Section with features on Tactical Optics, AR Furniture, Suppressors, Picatinny rails and Uppers, Pistol and Vertical Grips, Lights and Lasers and much more.

The Troy SOCC Carbine Is Ready for US Warfighters

Six men scramble across a dusty courtyard on a moonless night. Six more stay stationed at various points around the structure. They are covered in equipment yet make barely a sound as they move. Crickets… read more

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Black Guns 2016

Gun Review: Bravo Company’s Elite RECCE-18 Rifle

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM) has worked very hard to earn a reputation for building rifles designed for real-world applications. Professional operators have tested BCM rifles… read more

Black Guns 2015

Gun Review: Bravo Company Commanders

Bravo Company Manufacturing's 5.56mm carbines bring custom touches to battle-hardened designs! read more

Black Guns 2014

BCM HSP Jack Carbine

Bravo Company And Haley Strategic Got You Covered—The Other Guys Ain’t Got Jack read more

Black Guns 2013

Bravo Company Recce-16 Precision

The Bravo Company Recce-16 Precision 5.56mm is an ultra-accurate, fast- charging AR designed for long-range engagements. read more