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Dedicated to providing rifle shooters with leading-edge firepower plus shooting, hunting, handloading and gunsmithing strategies, Rifle Firepower contributors have their finger on the pulse of the entire industry. Rifle Firepower’s aim is to help readers wring out the most accuracy, performance, speed, dependability and reliability from their firearms—whether it’s a traditional wood-stocked beauty, an accessorized AR-platform rifle, a muzzleloader or anything in between. Strategies and editorial content from today’s sharpest writers and photographers puts readers on target shot after shot! Skill sets andweapon reviews featured are from some of the most trusted names in the shooting and hunting world. Our crack team of editors and designers is devoted to showcasing the newest rifles, ammo, accessories and tactics in a quick-hitting, easy-to-digest yet highly informative fashion. Like all riflemen and their old-reliable rifles, Rifle Firepower never quits on the readers. Every 98-page issue is packed with field-proven, no-fluff, leading-edge firepower that brings shooters to the highest level of their downrange passions. We’re committed to bringing fair and balanced reviews and tactics that’ll literally hit the bull’s-eye time and time again.

Long-Distance Hog Hunting with the Ruger SR-762 .308

The all new accurate, piston-driven Ruger SR-762 .308 packs the terminal punch to take down a 427-pounder! read more

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Rifle Firepower May 2014

Preview: Nesika Sporter .308 Rifle | Gun Review

World-renowned match action company now turns out hand-crafted, guaranteed-MOA Sporter rifles! read more

Rifle Firepower March 2014

Preview: Taurus CT9 9mm | Gun Review

Military meets low-recoil mega-fun with Taurus’ new CT9 9mm carbine! read more

Rifle Firepower January 2014

Super SIONICS AR-15 American Dream 5.56

A power-packed AR rifle for those who bleed red, white and blue. And it can be all yours! read more

Rifle Firepower November 2013

Colt M2012 .308 Rifle | Gun Review

The Colt M2012 is a bolt-action rifle hand-built to win with speed and pinpoint 0.5-MOA precision! read more

Rifle Firepower March 2013

Harvest Time!

Guarantee sub-MOA with either a new Hill Country .308, or let HCR’s pros accurize your favorite game getter. read more

Rifle Firepower January 2013


For taking on critters in the field or bad guys on the mean streets, this Troy Carbine-Nikon M-223 combo is a true warrior. read more

Rifle Firepower November 2012


Meet the world’s fastest-shooting, multi-caliber bolt-action rifle! read more

Rifle Firepower September 2012

Kimber 8400 Tactical

Its looks, feel and ".5-MOA guarantee" scream custom, but its price certainly does not! read more

Rifle Firepower July 2012

CZ USA 512

It's a blast from the past and into the future! read more

Rifle Firepower May 2012

Your Best S.H.O.T.

T/C’s new Dimension rifle made a huge splash at S.H.O.T. We’ll have a full feature in the next issue. read more

Rifle Firepower March 2012


JP Enterprises’ tack-driving MR-10 .308 bolt action shines with smooth sub-MOA precision! read more