Our nation’s SEALs on the firing line. “To Protect and Serve” is the ubiquitous motto on vehicles of our uniformed civilian defenders. For generations, this thin line of blue has fought the criminal predators among… read more

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January 2012

FEATURES CZ BREN 805 By Christian Shepherd East Euro’s new modular automatic rifle and grenade-launcher package brings dual-gun thunder to the war on terror. COVERT… read more

Modern Day Marine Expo

The 31st Modern Day Marine Exposition held at MCB Quantico was a combination of events and displays for the latest weapons, equipment and support systems made by American and international manufacturers—all designed, as Marine Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills said during the opening ceremonies, “to look for adaptive ways to get the right equipment to the most lethal fighting force ever seen.” Responding to feedback from Marines in combat, manufacturers showed products and services that would make Leathernecks faster, lighter and stronger warriors. Once again, Lt. Gen. Mills summed it up perfectly: “Victory on the battlefield is the ultimate goal of each and every one of us. We will continue to scare the hell out of our enemies.” Here are some of the outstanding products noted at the expo. read more


MAJOR BRUCE CRANDALL: Relentless Vietnam Flight Commander Exemplifying conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty,… read more

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CZ BREN 805 By Christian Shepherd

East Euro’s new modular automatic rifle and grenade-launcher package brings dual-gun thunder to the war on terror.

Kel-Tec’s RFB gets wrung out from CQB range to 200 yards!

XPR15 BATTLE RIFLE By Phillip Null
Head Down’s extremely fast, tank-tough carbine is born and bred to fight!

1216 BULLISH HEAT By Leroy Thompson
Dial up 16 rounds of 12-gauge semi-auto hurt with SRM’s scattergun!

COUNTER-AMBUSH UC-9 By Leroy Thompson
Century’s Secret Service Uzi offspring is compact thunder for VIP protectors!

Pushrod performers that test the upper limits of clean and cool running!

ARCTIC S.W.A.T. By Jeff Hall
Last frontier lawmen protect 2,000 square miles of extreme country
with cutting-edge weapons and tactics!

Sharpen skills and combat psyche at EAG Tactical’s pistol course.

NAVY SEALs 50th SALUTE By Jay Langston
Celebrating 50 years of service so that freedom and liberty reign supreme!

DOGS OF WAR By Len Waldron
Insider look at the new breed of defend-and-attack K-9 that has emerged.



BRIEFING ROOM Frontline report

MILITARY VEHICLES IED-proof Valanx takes insurgents head on By Jack Satterfield

DUTY SHOTGUNS Mossberg 930 SPX torture test By Jeremy Stafford

MARITIME OPS USCG and DEA battle narco subs By Phillip Null

BATTLEFIELD TECH Bomb-stopping thermal scanners By Jack Satterfield

TACTICAL MEDICINE Be your own combat medic By Richard L. Johnson

UNDER FIRE Medal of Honor and Valor heroes By Donald J. Mihalek

NEW MISSION GEAR Modern Day Marine Expo By Andre’ M. Dall’au

SOUND OFF The Gunny on KIA bracelets, African safari, Victory bikes and more!

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