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Top 20 Next-Gen Piston-Driven ARs

Top 20 next-gen AR-style rifles bred to run cooler and cleaner in harsh extremes!

Sig Sauer's MPx 9mm SMG Is a Compact Powerhouse

The all new MPx 9mm from Sig Sauer takes SMGs to the next level with lightning-fast CQB strikes!

Heckler & Koch's VP9 Is Striker-Fired and Finally Here

HK drops the hammer, creating a new striker-fired 9x19mm for the 21st century!

Guns of the Elite: 160th SOAR Night Stalkers

Providing aerial support for America’s Tier One special operations warriors!

Gun Review: ArmaLite DSR 10 7.62mm

The new Defensive Sporting Rifle delivers affordable big-bore power!

The Beretta M9 Continues Its Impressive Battle Legacy

The U.S. Army reenlists the torture-tested 9mm that’s served for nearly three decades!

ArmaLite's AR-10A4 Rifles Help Rio's Elite Police Force Keep the Peace

Thanks to the help of renowned rifle manufacturer ArmaLite and its AR-10A4, the BOPE has the...

IWI Tavor SAR Passes a 12,000-Round Torture Test with Ease

Firing thousands of rounds over two years David Badhe's IWI Tavor SAR has proven itself to be...