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An Inside Look at Ukraine's Top Warriors

With Russia on its doorstep, Ukraine's special troops and units will have to give it their all!

Gun Review: ATI's Durable Omni Hybrid 5.56mm

American Tactical Omni Hybrid patrol carbine combines accuracy and affordability for complete...

Gun Review: Rock River Arms' LAR-15 Operator III

Ultra-reliable, accurate Rock River Arms LAR-15 Operator III 5.56mm patrol carbine built for modern...

SOG Kiku Knives: A Collaboration of Beautiful Blades

Kiku Matsuda brings his handy work to SOG Specialty Knives & Tools for knives that are more like...

Gun Review: Armalite's M-15TBN 5.56mm

Next-gen AR packs cutting-edge enhancements for the ultimate in precision!

'Deuce and a Half': Multi-Mission M35 Trucks

Classic 2.5-ton M-35 trucks reborn for off-roading, bugging out and surviving today’s threats!

Gun Review: Daniel Defense's MK18 5.56mm

Daniel Defense's SOCOM-born short-barrel MK18 rifle with “Mil-Spec+” upgrades is ready for...

3 Next-Gen Training Simulators For Military Use

Realistic combat training with enemies that think, respond and react—forcing you to do the same!