2011 Blade Show

The 2011 Blade Show in Atlanta proved to be a very upbeat event for most of the custom knifemakers I talked to. That hasn’t necessarily been true for the last couple of shows, so maybe the economy really is turning around. On the other hand, the primary focus of the majority of custom knife buyers is still on the tactical side of the craft, so it might be equally accurate that “always be prepared” is still the word of the day. In any event, there were plenty of new models for the magazine to photograph.

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MAGNUM FIGHTER: Kevin Hoffman’s “357 Magnum” model fighter features a 7-inch blade of S30V stainless steel on a handle of sandblasted black linen Micarta. The blade has been given a two-tone camo pattern coating for an added tactical advantage. Hoffman can be contacted at 28 Hopeland Dr., Dept. TK, Savannah, GA 31419; 912-920-3579 www.klhoffman.com

MACE DAGGER: Given that the name of this knife is the Combat Camper Dagger, Mace Vitale must go hiking in some interesting places! The 7-inch blade is forged from 1084 carbon steel and the carp-skin-covered handle tang is given a wrap of green paracord. Vitale can be contacted at 925 Rt. 80, Dept. TK, Guilford, CT 06437; 203-457-5591 www.laurelrockforge.com

HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER: Dylan Fletcher’s High Plains Drifter fighting Bowie sports a full 10-inch long blade of O-1 carbon steel on a handle of paper ivory and black canvas Micarta. The handle pins are made of black canvas Micarta and high-strength fiberglass. Flecther can be contacted at 46021 Gardner Dr., Dept. TK, Alpharetta, GA 30009; 770-335-5171 www.fletcherknives.com