4 Russia-Tough Forgings | Steel Knives Review

ROSarms' cold steel creations: Knives designed to take on missions from Special Forces and EMERCOM to wild woods and water!

The disintegration of the Soviet Union has been a very good thing for military, weapons, and knife enthusiasts. Our people and theirs now freely exchange the lessons of conflict and the techniques of training. From athletic training to the advice we received from former Russian Special Forces personnel as we engaged the Taliban in Afghanistan, to yes, knives, the interchange has been enriching.

rosarms.gifOne of the benefits we as knife enthusiasts now enjoy is access to the traditions of Russian knife making. ROSarms Knives, situated in Zlatoust in the ore and mineral-rich South Ural Mountains, offers an extensive line of hunting, military, utility, and outdoors knives, and even decorated and art knives. The craftsmen of the area trace their occupational heritage back to the founding of the Zlatoust Armory in 1851. The blades of ROSarms knives are made of the famous Zlatoust forged and hardened stainless ball-bearing steel 110x18M (similar to BG-42, but including titanium), sharpened to 58+ RHc. What sets ROSarms’ blades apart is the heat treating and tempering they receive, including Vacuum Arc Remelting and Electro-Slug Remelting. Their website has a very interesting description of both their unique steel and the processes used.

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  • Linda Lou

    I love these knives. They are absolutely beautiful.

  • mike garfield


  • MSG Stephen Zitta

    I had purchased a few of the Russian Knives, they all seem to be made with pride. Great craftmanship, ROSarms has some great knives I have 3 different knives, from ROSarms all are down right keepers, and priced for soldiers budget. I also have purchased some Russian combat knives with darken blades and rubber handles, built like a T-34 tank, they can handle anything
    that goes Bump in the Night.