5 Streamlined Traditionals from Mantis Knives

The past few years the number of knives being sold…

The past few years the number of knives being sold has increased greatly. To most, that would sound like good news for the marketplace but we have seen just the opposite. Some of the well-known knife manufacturers have closed their doors and other companies have reported deep cuts in their market share. Some will place the blame on the influx of offshore products being introduced into the American market. Others will try to point out the increased prices for raw materials as justification for their decline. Me, I don’t buy into either excuse.

Terrill Hoffman PhotosAll one has to do is to compare the knife industry to other examples of manufacturing for the past few decades. How many of us would ever expect Toyota to be the number one seller of automobiles in the United States? Their method for attaining that status was really rather simple. Bring out a new modern look to the automobile, add in a high standard of quality and then mix in value with reasonable prices. Before you jump at what seems to be an error in my logic, remember one major point. Toyota may have been an “offshore” product at one time, but now it is as much “Made in the USA” as Chevy or Ford.

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