A “Mini-Rukus” Knife Stirs Things Up

There’s new commotion from Neil Blackwood and Benchmade as the little brother of the Rukus knife takes off.

Last year I wrote an article (Makin’ a Rukus, September 2006 Tactical Knives) on the then-new Neil Blackwood-designed Rukus from Benchmade. That original Rukus is a larger-than-normal knife with a 4.3-inch blade and an almost 10-inch open length. The upshot of that article was that the Rukus cut perhaps more impressively than any knife I’ve had through here in quite a while. I mean, it cut everything with an A or A+ performance.

minirukus2.jpgMost knives, by the very nature of their being a physical object made of materials and possessing a geometry, cut some things well and other things not as well. The Rukus seemed to defy the laws of nature by performing so well on everything. It turns out I am not alone in my favorable opinion of the Rukus—most reviewers seem to share it.

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