A Mystery Dagger from Saudi Arabia

Some months ago I ran into a friend who is…

Some months ago I ran into a friend who is a member of the close protection team for a Middle Eastern royal. He had been in a close protection course I gave many years ago, and we had stayed in touch over the years. He told me he remembered that I like knives and he had acquired a “Saudi Air Force” dagger for me, but since I was about to board a plane, he would send it to me when he got a chance.

saudi22.jpgNormally, if one hears the words “Saudi” and “knife” in the same phrase, a knife fancier will conjure up an image of a “Jambiya,” the curved dagger worn in traditional Arab dress on the front of the belt. For upper class Saudis, the handle material of their Jambiyas offers a quick determinant of status, with saifani (rhinoceros horn) being an indicator of especially high status.

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