All Aboard the Mule Train | Spyderco Mule Team Project Review

When the term “Mule Team” is used, the usual mental…


When the term “Mule Team” is used, the usual mental picture is a number of mules hooked to a wagon hauling ore or minerals. We’ve all seen such an image in films and western television series. However, in the auto industry, test vehicles are referred to as “Mules.” The folks at Spyderco have simply extended the use of this term to include knife models built for testing and evaluation. When a group of such test models are considered together, they make a “Mule Team.” The latest Spyderco offerings are just that—knife test vehicles.

Sal Glesser, Spyderco owner, puts it this way: “I noticed that there were a number of people involved in the knife industry who were interested in knife steels and how they compared to each other. I felt the only real way to compare was to have blades made from different steels that were of the same shape, grind and edge angle and heat-treated to the optimum hardness for that steel.”

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