Balisong Breakthrough | Jani Song Knife

The Jani-Song is the first new Balisong knife in centuries— and it won’t cut you!


Everyone knows what a balisong is: it’s a knife consisting of a split handle, both sides attached to a blade by pins on the tang end, which, when closed, encases the knife blade and when opened and folded back on themselves, form a handle for the blade.

This basic design hasn’t changed in centuries. The materials used to make balisongs have improved, manufacturing techniques have evolved, quality has gone from primitive to fine…but the basic design hasn’t changed since the first one was made God knows how long ago.
But now it has.

Also, everyone who’s ever played with a balisong has cut themselves as a result.

That’s changed, too.

janisong2.jpgA New-to-the-World Knife Design
The Jani-Song is the brainchild of Michael Janich. Mike is probably the most published author on the manipulation of a balisong, easily recognized as a well-known promoter of the tool, and widely regarded as one of the leading experts on its use. Mike is also the brand manager for Blackhawk’s two knife divisions: Masters of Defense and Blackhawk Blades.

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